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Alfa Omega Pharma specialize in the custom synthesis of milligram to gram quantities of stable isotope labelled materials, metabolites and impurity standards. We offer synthesis services to the pharmaceutical bio analytical departments of CROs and related industries. Our focus is to serve the industries involved and working towards global healthcare


Ambroxol Impurity

Ambroxol Impurity

Ambroxol Impurity 


Ambroxol Impurity A

(2 Amino-3,5, Dibromo phenyl methanol)


Ambroxol Impurity B

Trans4-(6,8 dibromo 1,4 dihydroquinolin-3(2H)-yl) cyclohexanol


Ambroxol Impurity C

Trans-4-[[(E)-2 amino, 3,5- dibromo benzylidin)amino) cyclohexanol


Ambroxol Impurity D



Ambroxol Impyrity E

2 Amino,3,5-dibromo benzaldehyde

Ambroxol Impurity 

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